Thu. May 16th, 2024

Volume 12 Issue 10 October 2023

Title: An Analysis of Watershed Approach with Distance Transform and Laplacian of Gaussian Operator in Regard to Evaluating Medical Images

Authors: Tahamina Yesmin; Dr. Harsh Lohiya; Pinaki Pratim Acharjya

Country: India

DOI: 10.47760/ijcsmc.2023.v12i10.001


Title: Radio Mobile Communications Systems Antenna’ Analysis and Design

Authors: Saleh Omar; Belgacem Chibani

Country: Tunisia

DOI: 10.47760/ijcsmc.2023.v12i10.002


Title: An Automated System for Sleep Apnea Detection

Authors: Shatha Nasser; Nazar Elfadil

Country: KSA

DOI: 10.47760/ijcsmc.2023.v12i10.003


Title: Enhanced Adaptive Over-Segmentation Technique for Image Forgery Detection under Noise Attacks

Authors: Fatiha Qudrat; Dr. Sunil Patil

Country: India

DOI: 10.47760/ijcsmc.2023.v12i10.004


Title: Mobile Forensic Readiness: A Comprehensive Survey of the Best Practices, Current Methods and Available Data

Authors: Eng. Hamedah Ali Al-Shabani; Dr. Nagi Ali Al-Shibany

Country: Yemen

DOI: 10.47760/ijcsmc.2023.v12i10.005


Title: A Random Forest Regressor Model for Forecasting Air Quality Index from Particulate Matters

Authors: Israel-Nyemeche, Tamunopiriye; Taylor, O.E

Country: Nigeria

DOI: 10.47760/ijcsmc.2023.v12i10.006